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The girls have been visiting Mom and Dad in CA for 2 weeks. Tom and I have been enjoying a quiet home and have been able to spend a lot of time together. We’ve done a few projects around the house and watched a bunch of Marvel movies together!

This past weekend, we had booked a 3 bedroom house in Langley and had planned to spend the weekend on Whidbey Island as a family. Since the girls were gone, the trip ended up just being Tom and I. Because of that, we were able to explore the island a little differently and found a few fun new places! We had such a wonderful time together!

I think the most interesting thing that we realized on this trip, is that on the island, there are so many different types of terrain. The houses and feel of one area change as you drive to a different area. That made exploring so much fun. We had placed pinned on goggle maps to go to, but often we saw something interesting and turned off and explored more.

Everywhere we went we saw gardens and TONS of beautiful flowers. We looked at as many gardens as possible!

We drove up through Deception Pass on the way home. There was SO MUCH TRAFFIC there. We have never seen it that busy! The day use area was full and cars were still trying to get in. I’m glad we have seen it before as it was too crowded to stop. But hello…….pandemic??

Speaking of COVID – the house we stayed at was the cleanest AirBnB we have ever stayed in. We ate inside a few restaurants that were doing a great job of cleaning and spreading people out, so we were comfortable with being inside there. We wore masks in the few stores we went in. But overall, we weren’t around many people. It worked out well and I’m so glad we got away.

We decided to come home a day early because we had explored the places we wanted to and that way we had one day at home to get a few last minute things done before Tom had to work again and the girls came home.

The pictures go from the end of our trip to the beginning.